The 24-hour, unit-dose, medication management system.

24-Hour, Unit-Dose Packaging

The most accurate, most efficient, most everything med pass ever! Paxit is changing the world of medication management – a lot! Thousands of nurses already have it. Do you?


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Individual Unit Doses

Labeled with medication info, each blister pack has an identical size and shape - just “pop”! And, you can quickly identify discontinued meds.

Daily Supply of Meds

Waste is decreased and the cart stays organized, which speeds up the med pass and improve safety.

Name/Room/Administration Date and Time

To ensure the right meds get to the resident at the right time, we’ve used large font for improved readability – avoiding any confusion or mix-ups.


Open when PRNs are needed or discontinued doses should be removed, and just reseal!

Medication List
The medications are listed alphabetically to easily check against the MAR.

Designed By Nurses, for Nurses. Paxit Has Changed the Med Pass

When converting to Paxit, you and your staff will immediately see a difference and how this system is superior ... and very easy to use.
  • Enhanced safety and accuracy- discontinued  meds easily identified and removed and no  co-mingling.
  • Revolutionary packaging improves compliance medications in 24-hour unit dose. Our bags are verifiable against your MAR in three easy ways.

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Paxit Saves You Money

Delivering the right medications to the right resident in the right dosage is what we do, and Paxit makes it easier!

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Labor Savings

When using Paxit, nurses save an average of 30 minutes per med pass – that’s impressive! This improved efficiency gives them more time to focus on what they were trained for - resident care.

Reduced Waste

Inventory is reduced from 30 days to 2 days, giving you flexibility when resident medications are changed or discontinued. Nurses process far fewer returns, virtually eliminating this time-consuming task. 

And, no restocking fees!

Auto Fill

Continuation of a medication filled/cycled daily without any intervention from the facility. Paxit can also manage the refill of your oral solids with barcode scanning capability. Nurses spend less time ordering meds, increasing efficiency and safety.

Retrospective Billing

You only pay for medications dispensed, unlike pre-paying for a 30-, 60-, or 90-day supply with other dispensing systems ... with ONE dispensing fee. Eliminating this waste reduces the expenditures leading to Medicare Part D coverage gap (“donut hole”)


White Paper Study

Learn the facts! Read this white paper study, conducted by Walker-Phillips Healthcare Consulting, about the impact of using Paxit in long-term care facilities.

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Paxit Comes in Our State of the Art Medication Cart.

Enormous capacity combined with state-of-the-art engineering, rugged durability, and elegant design make our carts popular with the nurses. By observing nurses across multiple facilities and documenting their input, we can offer you the most efficient and ergonomic med pass cart.

One of the most prominent features of our cart is what's inside it. Open the drawer and you'll find our highly touted Paxit medication bags.

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