Innovative Technology

Remedi facilitates accuracy and efficiency in medication dispensing and administrative tasks, while ensuring the safety of residents, staff and information.

Developed with you in mind

The complexities of managing long-term care facilities such as Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living communities necessitate having a partner who values the same principles that you do.

Remedi’s innovative technology has been developed with you in mind. Our teams work hard to facilitate accuracy and efficiency in medication dispensing with our proprietary and innovative medication adherence packaging, as well as administrative tasks, while ensuring the safety of residents, staff, and information.

PAXIT®: 24-hour, Unit-Dose Medication System


When nurses use PAXIT, they quickly notice the added safety measures that are automatically put in place. As they dispense the medications, each PAXIT bag is quickly and easily verified against the MAR in 3 easy ways.

And with PAXIT, there is no commingling of medications. We remove the question of which drug is which. Each medication is individually wrapped and labeled, allowing your staff to identify each medication with no question.


Today's complex drug regimens require stringent attention to detail. Our automated technologies not only increase workplace efficiency and cut costs, but also create a safer and healthier environment for your residents. PAXIT employs a 6-point quality verification of every dose dispensed throughout the filling process, utilizing the latest technology to ensure unparalleled accuracy. We deliver accountability down to the pill to ensure that every medication gets delivered to the right resident at the right time, every time.


Our automated technology helps increase workplace performance and overall operational efficiency by simplifying and consolidating the time-consuming and repetitive tasks, such as paperwork, that take time away from caring for residents. PAXIT can save an average of 30 minutes per medication pass. 


EHR Integration

You are connected!

We interface with a multitude of EHR vendors and conduct extensive interface testing to ensure that the data exchange between the facility, the EHR, and Remedi is optimized to be continuous, transparent, and seamless — from the initial implementation to ongoing software updates.

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Customer Portal - Crucial Information at Your Fingertips

MyRemedi, our proprietary web portal, brings innovation and anytime/anywhere access to all of your pharmacy functions. This portal arms you with streamlined information and tools to help you lower drug costs, improve efficiency, better manage drug-related risks, and make informed decisions in real time in a HIPAA-secure environment.

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