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The real-time medication management portal.

Connect with your pharmacy functions anytime, anywhere

MyRemedi Advantages

Our proprietary web portal brings anytime/anywhere access and innovation to all of your pharmacy functions.

This portal arms you with streamlined information and tools to help you lower drug costs, improve efficiency, better manage drug-related risks, and make informed decisions in real time.

Providing resident care facilities with a greater degree of financial, operational, and clinical simplicity so that staff can focus on residents' needs.

Financial Advantages

  • Customized med alerts–receive messages about high-cost and high-risk medication orders before they’re delivered
  • Facility drug spend and utilization data
  • Drug price quote tool
  • Financial dashboard & reports–detailed data with medication costs, drug pricing, ready to download electronic billing, and more–all in one place!

Clinical Advantages

  • Real time access to resident data
  • Duplicate order detection
  • Clinical Pharmacology integration with drug identifier

Operational Advantages

  • Online order with barcode scanning and refill status
  • Instant medication price quotes
  • Electronic MAR/TAR/POS documentation
  • Discharge medication and LOA forms

Regulatory Advantages

This data helps you with regulatory compliance:

  • QAPI
  • Antibiotic stewardship
  • Psychotropic use

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