EHR Integration

Optimized interface between your facility, EHR, and pharmacy.

EHR Connectivity with connexit

We interface with a multitude of EHR vendors, and Connexit is our certification process that optimizes the EHR to fully automate medication management. We conduct extensive interface testing on all pharmacy related CPOE/eMAR related clinical work. The data flow is continuous, transparent, and seamless – from initial implementation through all software updates.

How your facility, the EHR, and pharmacy can integrate

At Your Facility

The prescriber orders medication and the order is placed into the EHR. Your staff will have access to MyRemedi- a cloud-based pharmacy portal in a HIPAA-secure environment providing clinical and financial information.

Bi-Directional Interface

The order is electronically transmitted to the pharmacy in real time, and order acknowledgement data is related in return to synchronize the facility eMAR. 

At The Pharmacy

The pharmacist validates the order for clinical safety and appropriateness. The EHR is updated through automated transmissions. 

Order Is Delivered

The facility receives daily delivery of the right medication at the right time for the resident. 

The Benefits

Connexit automates communication - you save both time and money by reducing:
  • Order clarification and pharmacist order  verification
  • Time-consuming fax and phone practices
  • Incidence and costs of adverse drug events  (ADEs)
  • Transcription and billing errors
  • Medication waste and paper record storage costs
  • Medication turnaround times
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Added Confidence

Connexit assures that the data flow between your facility, the EHR and Remedi SeniorCare will be instantaneous, continuous, and transparent. 

Our team works closely with EHR vendors from implementation onward to ensure that EHR updates do not pose connectivity issues—providing you with the confidence in knowing that no information, time, or money will be lost.

Why Remedi?

Connexit™ is just one reason why Remedi is the right choice.
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