Formulary Management

The all-in-one medication management system.

Formulary Management

Between our Automatic Therapeutic Interchange and our Clinical Services Center, we’ve got you covered! These services help you reduce medication costs, minimize waste, and save valuable time.

What Formulary Management Does for You

Our Formulary Management software takes into account the details of each resident's medication regimen and automatically switches your medication orders to a more clinically appropriate, lower-cost drug in the same therapeutic class.

This technology is not simply exchanging brand name medication for a generic version; rather, is a collaboration between the prescriber and pharmacy for an interchange to clinically preferred medications based upon safety, cost, clinical efficiency, and administration considerations.

computer with remedi interface

Fast, Safe, and Transparent Interchanges

This automatic system of formulary management is just that – Automatic. This means a reduction in the time spent on manual formulary administration and oversight.

While a licensed pharmacist reviews each medication order and may override any interchange based upon professional judgment, a prescriber retains clinical control over each resident order and may opt out of formulary management for individual orders or for a class of medications as desired.

Every formulary interchange is fully documented and transparent to the prescriber, nurse and pharmacist. Whether your resident medical records are paper-based or electronic, the origins of each order can be traced.

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Clinical Services Center

Our Clinical Services Center (CSC) streamlines the insurance process on two levels. This team works directly with insurance companies – so you don’t have to. With input from your team, we can take the hassle out of the process of reimbursement.