Consultant Pharmacist

Professionals who will provide you and your team expert advice on the use of medications and much more!

Resident-Centered Care

Consultant Pharmacists are committed to enhancing the quality of care for residents through the appropriate use of medication and promotion of healthy aging. These professionals will provide you and your team with expert advice on the use of medications and much more!

Leveraging the knowledge and expertise of your facility’s Consultant Pharmacist can enhance operational, clinical, and regulatory efforts. Here is a glance at important initiatives your Consultant Pharmacist should guide on:


Cost Management

Our Consultant Pharmacist will be an integral part of helping you to contain costs. You can depend on your Consultant Pharmacist to:
  • Continually improve drug utilization for better resident outcomes and lower cost
  • Work with prescribers to assure clear, appropriate orders and best practices - including removing unnecessary drugs
  • Coach nursing staff to optimize efficiency in medication administration

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Clinical & Regulatory Expertise

We work with your team to ensure they have the tools that they need to deliver quality patient care.
  • Assist with QAPI & regulatory compliance
  • Become ACTIVE members of your interdisciplinary team
  • Provide specialized education for your staff including clinical updates

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