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The leading cause of blindness in America, glaucoma is the topic of this Monthly Resource. Our medication chart provides an overview of helpful info on the drug classes and medication used to treat glaucoma. 

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High Concentrated Insulin Therapy    

This reference guide discusses unique features of the available concentrated insulins, indications, administration techniques, and storage guidelines.

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Medications with Shortened Expiration Dates

Many healthcare providers are not aware that the expiration dating of many medications change, once the items are removed from their primary packaging or refrigeration and are “in use.” This guide provides practical information on a variety of medications that have shorter expiration dates and is a ready reference for your staff, who are involved in the medication administration process.

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Complete Medication Order Checklist

The Complete Medication Order Checklist    

Keeping our residents safe from an adverse medication event starts with the basics.

As more and more medications become available and many can have confusing or similar names/dosages, writing a complete and accurate medication order is crucial to avoid an adverse medication event.

The Complete Medication Order Checklist can serve as a tool for assisting the nurse to ascertain that all required elements are included in the medication order.  We recommend incorporating this tool into your daily practice.

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PN Ancillary Order Set

Ascertaining that appropriate ancillary orders are obtained for PN infusions is key to assuring proper patient monitoring and preventing adverse patient outcomes.

Nurses who infuse and monitor PN solutions should be knowledgeable of the required ancillary orders, but it can be difficult to maintain a complete order set when not infusing PN on a regular basis.

This monthly resource includes a comprehensive PN ancillary order set to be utilized in conjunction with the PN solution orders.

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Oral Anticoagulant Comparison Chart

Anticoagulant medications are the mainstay drugs used to treat VTE, and several numerous oral anticoagulants have entered the market recently, most notably:  

  • Pradaxa™
  • Xarelto™
  • Eliquis™

This Monthly Resource provides a comparative chart of these newer anticoagulant medications, as well as warfarin and enoxaparin, on how to effectively:

  • Distinguish between anticoagulants
  • Understand their approved uses
  • Monitor effectively
  • Outline potential adverse effects

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Administration of IV Meds

03-2015 M.R. snipAdministration of IV medications, other than antibiotics, in the long-term
care environment can be challenging at times, especially when one is not certain of what IV medications can be safely given outside of an acute care setting.

This monthly resource provides two IV medication guides to assist DONs, LNHAs and medical directors to make appropriate choices and formulate a plan for safely accepting and/or keeping a patient at their facility, as well as a preventing hospital readmission.

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Investigation of Potential Controlled Substance Diversion

Fro2015-02 M.R. snip Diversionm both a compliance and risk management standpoint, long-term care facilities need clear and effective methods to address suspected drug diversion. In this Monthly Resource, we provide a framework that facilities can use to develop policies and procedures or supplement existing ones, related to drug diversion. Facilities may want to consider creating a checklist to guide staff so there is a consistent response whenever drug diversion is suspected.

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Influenza Outbreak Management

2014-12 Influenza snip

A number of states are experiencing regional and even widespread
reports of influenza and influenza-like symptoms. This Monthly Resource encapsulates the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guideline tailored for long-term care facilities. 

This information may prove to be useful to you and your colleagues this winter. 

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Black Box Warnings

2014-11 M.R. snipThe resource this month provides valuable information about Black Box Warnings, including: 

  • The background regarding the FDA use of these alerts 
  • Situations and conditions, when black bock warnings are issued
  • The legal ramifications of prescribing black box warning drugs

We have included a grid of the top 10 drug classes relating to the geriatric population that ouline the indications, black box warnings and management management strategy of each. 

Download the information here

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