Paxit® delivers facility- and resident-specific 24-hour unit-dose medication administration with unsurpassed accuracy—reducing drug costs by 15% or more and increasing efficiency by 30% or more.

Paxit®: The Future of Med Pass TODAY

Remedi’s advanced Paxit® med-pass solution provides medications packaged to increase med-pass accuracy and efficiency and reduce medication waste by 15%. These improvements provide you more time to care for residents, contributing to healthier outcomes. Learn more about Paxit.

3bagsPaxit: the future of med

Paxit optimizes the med-pass process by delivering a 24-hour unit-dose cycles of medications, contained in time-specific, compliant packaging optimized for the way you administer them to your residents.

No more hassles of searching bingo cards for the medications needed for that resident/administration time. Paxit delivers medications to be administered together in one bag that is clearly identified with the resident and administration time/day. Worried about co-mingled medications? No more. Paxit provides each medication in individual unit-dose packaging with all information about the medication printed on the package. To make your med pass more efficient, we print each medication contained in the pouch on the outside of the pouch in alphabetical order to make it easier to verify against the MAR.

The pouches have been designed with your needs in mind. Administering all the medications? Simply open the perforated strip at the bottom of the package, exposing all medications. Need to keep some for a later administration? Open the pouch at the upper perforation, remove the desired medications, and re-seal the bag. When finished with the administration, separate the resident's name from the medication information by tearing along another perforation. 

We've also reorganized the cart to improve organization and help with your med pass. The organization allows for quality checks to verify that all medications for a specific time have been administered, simply by scanning the drawer. Further improvements will allow medication administration improvements and provide you with more time to care for your residents.

Paxit in action.

Paxit is a proprietary, patented Remedi solution. This ultra-precision technology uses advanced robotic automation to dispense, inspect, and package each resident's medications. Each medication passes through a comprehensive 6-point quality verification to ensure the highest accuracy.

The right pill to the right resident at the right time.

Paxit _bagcart2This industry-leading way to deliver medications transforms the med pass and helps long-term care facility staff achieve better efficiency, medication accuracy, and safety.


  • Saves time and money. Using Paxit, nurses save an average of 30 minutes per med pass with fewer frustrations, reducing overall nursing hours and improving care. Facilities greatly reduce the hours they spend each month on administrative work, documenting returns, and medication refill order placement.
  • Increases accuracy. Dispensed by advanced automation technology, medications are run through a stringent 6-point optical verification process and each dose is tracked and traced down to the pill level.
  • Decreases medication waste. Paxit reduces the amount of on-hand drug inventory from 30 days to just 2 days. It provides more flexibility as residents' medications change, and enables environmentally responsible business practices by dramatically reducing medication and material waste in long-term care.

Please contact us to learn more about how the new standard in med-pass accuracy helps long-term care organizations reduce medication costs and improve safety and efficiency. Read Less.

    Remedi's proprietary automated medication dispensing system.
    Medications are scanned into the system for precise control.
    Paxit bags and carts were designed with input from nurses, for the way nurses work.
    System interfaces provide the operator insight and control over machine operations.
    Medications are arranged by to med pass in easy to open bags with resident & medication identification.
    Paxit bags and carts were designed with input from nurses, for the way nurses work.
Key Benefits
Key Features

Key Benefits

Paxit at a glance:

  1. Reduces medication costs by 15% or more
  2. Increases med-pass efficiency by 30% or more
  3. Each medication undergoes a 6-point quality verification prior to leaving the pharmacy
  4. Reduces inventory from 30 to just 2 days, reducing medication waste
  5. Designed by nurses for the way you work!

Key Features

Designed by and for nurses 

  1. State-of-the-art robotic automated medication dispensing technology
  2. Easy tear-open bags and pop-out blisters with rounded corners to protect fingers
  3. Bag is resealable for PRNs and promotes resident-centered care
  4. Medications are labeled on the bag in the same order as the MAR
  5. Easier access: Medications to be administered are stored in higher cart drawers
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