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Remedi SeniorCare® was founded on the pillars of customer service.

Superior customer-focused pharmacy solutions

We founded Remedi SeniorCare® in Maryland in 2002 on the premise that providing the best care and service to long-term care facilities and their residents starts with providing superior customer-focused pharmacy solutions.

Remedi began serving nearly 1,000 beds while maintaining a retail pharmacy and home infusion business. By 2005, our mission to serve the growing long-term care industry began to galvanize. We exited the retail pharmacy and home infusion businesses to make LTC our sole focus. In doing so, we grew to serve 5,000 beds by 2006—a five-fold increase in just four years.

An evolved mission

Paxit _finalAn evolved mission for Remedi SeniorCare was sparked in 2006. While continuing to maintain our strict focus on customer delight, we set out to revolutionize the way in which medications are administered—setting new standards in medication accuracy, clinical safety, and workplace efficiency to help facilities improve resident care.

Our team worked closely with nurses—carefully observing their routines and evaluating processes—to develop solutions that would not only help them perform the administrative parts of their jobs more efficiently and ergonomically, but also improve medication accuracy while reducing costs. And in 2007, this research and development became the basis for the development of our disruptive technology, Paxit®—our automated medication dispensing and packaging system. 

My _remedi _finalIn 2008, we continued to innovate new ways to help facilities economize their pharmacy-related costs with the launch of My Remedi®—a secure web-based portal that provides access to real-time usage data and medication management tools to help nurses and administrators make smarter decisions. Along the way, we expanded through acquisitions and new pharmacies in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest.

The future of Remedi

As we continue to grow, our commitment to customer delight is stronger than ever. We are continually developing new technologies and honing our existing product portfolio to push the limits of efficiency, cost reductions, and accuracy to help you provide the best care to your residents. Remedi will always be here supplying your speed.

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