Ready to save 30 minutes per nurse per med pass?

Now you can with PAXIT®, the 24-hour, unit-dose medication management system

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    Learn how PAXIT can save up to 30 minutes per nurse per med pass

The PAXIT Difference

Proprietary packaging, the only system which offers daily dispensing, reducing waste

Saves an average of 30-minutes per nurse per medication pass

Auto-refill for approximately 70% of all medications

Each medication is individually packaged, no commingling

Retrospective billing—only billed for the medications dispensed


The technology you need.

The accuracy you deserve.

  • Resident-specific doses in one package and pre-sorted by med pass time with clear, concise labels
  • Each dose is packaged in an identically-shaped and easy to open blister
  • Medications are listed in the same order as the MAR
  • Packaging is perfect for managing a resident's leave of absence
  • Discontinued medication is easily identified and removed
Doctor gives female patient in a long term care facility a pill

How Paxit saves nurses time on their Medication passes

  • Eliminates fumbling with multiple punch cards
  • Quicker identification and removal of discontinued medications
  • Lighter and faster medication carts
  • Easier medication reconciliation during the med pass
  • Medication administration accountability

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This white paper study, conducted by Walker-Phillips Healthcare Consulting, shares more about the impact of using PAXIT in long-term care facilities.

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