CEO of Remedi SeniorCare, Jeffrey Stamps, Featured in I Advance Senior Care Two-Part Article

On March 12, 2020, President and Chief Executive Officer of Remedi SeniorCare, Jeffrey Stamps, R.Ph., was featured in a two-part article published by I Advance Senior Care. The two-part article discussed the relationship between senior care and pharmacy solutions.


Stamps Discusses the Benefits of PAXIT® for Senior Care Facilities

In the first part of the two-part series, Stamps provides an overview of the many benefits that the PAXIT, the 24-hour, unit-dose medication management system, offers Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living communities compared to standard punch card systems. For instance, he explains that, “With traditional punch card systems, if a patient is on six or seven medications, a nurse has to take a container out of the cart, express the medication, and then repeat that process six times. With PAXIT, the nurse takes out one organized bag with all of the medications, and each medication is individually labeled. This saves nurses a tremendous amount of time and it’s safer for residents; there isn’t the risk of medications being mixed up or confused.”

The article continues to expound on how PAXIT’s advantages provide enhanced medication adherence in long-term and senior care facilities, including waste-minimization and time savings – qualities that rapidly change the med pass system for nurses.


Remedi’s Formulatory Management Software is an Important Part of the Process

Stamps discusses how Remedi’s formulatory management software is a significant component of keeping patients and residents safe and healthy in the second part of the two-part series. The technology can also have cost-saving benefits as it analyzes a patient’s medication regimen and automatically chooses more affordable medications that are clinically appropriate and still in the same class as the original drugs. These choices, which are based on factors like safety, cost, efficiency, and administration consideration, ultimately save cost for residents, increase efficiency, and ensure patient safety.

Regarding Remedi’s important role in the process of reviewing prescription orders and ensuring medication management goes smoothly, Stamps said, “All pharmacies prioritize getting medications out to the resident. If that’s your primary responsibility, that’s what you’re focused on — you won’t really have time to focus on formulary management. With our clinical services center, we take that responsibility away from our dispensing pharmacies. This increases our efficiency and reduces expense for our customers.”


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To read part one of the I Advance Senior Care article, click here. To read part two of the I Advance Senior Care article, click here. To learn more about Remedi SeniorCare’s revolutionary PAXIT medication management system, contact our long-term care pharmacy professionals today.