Skilled Nursing News Highlights Remedi SeniorCare’s Technological Solutions to Industry Challenges

Remedi SeniorCare was featured in Skilled Nursing News for its advanced and adaptable solutions to the growing supply and demand problem in the skilled nursing industry. Jeff Stamps, R.Ph. and President and CEO of Remedi SeniorCare, was interviewed by the renowned independent news source regarding Remedi’s innovative billing system and focus on medication conservation.

The article highlights that Remedi SeniorCare has experienced a 30% annual growth in the skilled nursing space despite an industry-wide drive to reduce the use of common medications. Regarding Remedi’s daily medication delivery strategy, Stamps said it allows for a “significant reduction in waste, which ultimately reduces the cost.”

With a focus on conserving medication to reduce waste and cost, Remedi’s medication packaging differs from traditional pharmacy methods of prescription bottles by using blister packs that house individual pills. In addition, the article details Remedi SeniorCare’s model of retrospective billing, which only charges for medications dispensed, further promoting the reduction of medication waste. 

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