Remedi SeniorCare Featured in McKnight’s Article “Time is Money”

In October 2019, McKnight’s Long-Term Care News published an article titled “Time is Money,” which outlines the time-saving, and cost-saving, benefits of the PAXIT® 24-hour, unit-dose medication management system. Here, the long-term care pharmacy professionals at Remedi SeniorCare provide key points of the article and how it provides a comprehensive and accurate explanation of PAXIT and its ability to dramatically reduce med pass time.

McKnight’s Article Provides a Detailed Overview of PAXIT’s Efficient and Waste-Reducing Qualities

McKnight’s article about the benefits of PAXIT, “Time is Money,” emphasizes how Remedi’s unit-dose medication management system can save approximately 30 minutes on each two-hour med pass conducted in skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities.

In the article, Chairman and CEO of Remedi SeniorCare, Jeffrey M. Stamps, R.Ph., says,  “PAXIT was developed by nurses, for nurses. Nurses want to spend more time caring for residents. Fumbling through 15 cards for each resident to identify the correct medication is a waste of their precious time.”

The article also outlines how PAXIT significantly reduces waste as participating facilities have a maximum supply of two-days’ worth of medication, a noteworthy reduction compared to the typical 30-day supply that may become discontinued, returned or destroyed if a patient no longer requires it. In addition to PAXIT’s waste-saving qualities, its daily delivery process easily serves an entire assisted living or skilled nursing facility and meets the needs of each and every resident. 

Clinical Support Partners Found Tremendous Success Implementing PAXIT Into Their Med Pass

Featured in the article is Remedi SeniorCare client Clinical Support Partners, who switched to PAXIT as a means to decrease pharmacy delays at its network of healthcare facilities. 

Regarding the transition to PAXIT, Chief Clinical Officer Ava Green, BSN, said, “It just really struck me as the kind of system I would want to use. It’s a much more simple process.” 

Clinical Support Partners now utilizes the PAXIT medication management system at 16 of their 24 locations. PAXIT, which was launched in 2009, is now used in over 850 skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities and helps more than 80,000 residents receive the medication they need in an efficient, safe and accurate manner.

Learn More From the Long-Term Care Pharmacy Professionals at Remedi SeniorCare

PAXIT offers innumerable benefits to assisted living communities and skilled nursing facilities across the country and drastically reduces costs and overhead compared to the traditional punch card-and-bottle system utilized by most med carts. Not to mention, MyRemedi®, Remedi’s real-time customer portal, is chock-full of useful data that serves as a beneficial resource to healthcare professionals. To read the full McKnight’s article, “Time is Money,” click here. To learn more about how Remedi SeniorCare’s PAXIT can serve your facility and reduce your med pass time, contact our team of long-term care pharmacy professionals today.