PAXIT Medication Packaging Technology Approved for Long-Term Care Dispensing in Oklahoma

Baltimore, MD – December 20, 2016 —Remedi SeniorCare™ is granted approval by the Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy to dispense medications utilizing the company’s advanced technology proprietary packaging—PAXIT®.  The technology allows for daily dosing which is particularly advantageous in states such as Oklahoma where drug returns are prohibited.  Remedi’s Oklahoma pharmacy general manager Gara Wilsie states, “Remedi SeniorCare’s proprietary PAXIT system provides daily packaging which is the most organized and safest system available in the long-term care environment. In addition to better resident safety, it allows Remedi to provide significant cost savings to the long-term care facilities we service. With our daily auto dispensing, inventory is reduced to a two-day supply, dramatically decreasing waste and lowering facility cost.”

Beginning January 2017, the robotic dispensing technology will have the capability to support 10,000 long-term care residents throughout Oklahoma.  PAXIT packaging was designed by nurses and saves an average of 30 minutes per medication pass, increasing efficiency and allowing nurses more time to focus on resident care.

Remedi SeniorCare, the progressive leader in long-term care pharmacy, services long-term and post-acute care facilities and assisted living communities.  Remedi SeniorCare redefined medication administration and management with the launch of PAXIT.   Online electronic tools via MyRemedi web portal and Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration further drive business management efficiency and overall cost reduction. A thought leader in the industry, Remedi’s recognized team of experts delivers pertinent education for caregivers.  Remedi SeniorCare supports more than 50,000 residents across 25 states and the District of Columbia with exceptional customer service, ensuring prompt access to medication delivery, expertise, and comprehensive support. For more information, contact Gara Wilsie at or visit