Remedi SeniorCare launches computerized dispensary in Troy

TROY, OHIO, November 16, 2012 - Troy Daily News

By Melanie Yingst, Staff Writer

You won't find any apothecary jars at the Remedi Senior Care state-of-the-art pharmacy.

The company recently launched its computerized dispensary at 962 S. Dorset, Troy. It will employ more than 170 people, according to general manager Patrick Dennis.

Dennis explained how the machines dispense medication into personalized blister packs with a three-day supply of medication. The packs are then delivered directly to nursing homes from the facility.

"The way our patented Paxit Med-Pass works is all the medication a patient needs comes in a ready-to-tear open pack with a three-day supply," Dennis said. "It reduces medical waste and the amount of medication out in the public. So if a patient leaves the nursing home, they don't leave behind a 30-day supply of meds."
Dennis said the medication is delivered by Remedi Senior Care employees and dispensed with pharmacists and technicians on staff. The delivery service includes 121 facilities in Ohio alone, within a three-and-a-half hour travel zone, Dennis said.

Remedi's med-pass system Paxit is a fully-automated robotic dispensing technology that can support long-term care residents throughout Ohio.

The Troy location is the second of three new pharmacies Remedi has slated to open this year; the first was in Virginia and the next will be in Pennsylvania.

According to a press release, Remedi's Paxit Med-Pass Solution is the industry's only fully-automated medication dispensing system, accurately delivering resident-specific 24-hour unit-dose medication, reducing drug costs by 15 percent or more and increasing med-pass efficiency by 30 percent or more.

Paxit reduces inventory levels to just two days, eliminating the waste often associated with a 30-day supply, and exceeds the requirement of the Affordable Care Act.

"Senior care continues to grow in the region as the number of Ohioans age 85 and older is expected to reach 322,497 by 2030 - an 82 percent increase from 2000," said Remedi SeniorCare Chairman and CEO Michael Bronfein in a press release.

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