Finding Solutions to Residents’ Complex Medications

BALTIMORE, May 1, 2012 – For those caring for seniors and their health, demands and strains have never been greater. A rapidly aging population taking complex medications has created a very challenging time in long-term care. As a leading-edge pharmacy provider, Remedi SeniorCare® created a solution to address these issues and more. After five years of research and millions spent in development, our automated medication system, Paxit®, delivers unsurpassed accuracy, safety and efficiency, and reduces medication cost and waste. We are leading the way with customer-inspired innovation based on the needs of those who matter most…our customers and their residents. During Paxit’s development, we worked extensively with nurses to understand their specific needs. What they wanted most was more time to do what they do best: care for residents.  To eliminate guesswork and streamline a tedious process, we created a unique solution to supply and organize the medications. Paxit provides one clearly labeled pouch filled with individual blisters (up to twelve in a pouch) for each specific time and day that a resident receives medications.

An easy-to-open pouch features large type with medications listed in alphabetical order.  Inside are individual blisters labeled and barcoded with all medication information. To reduce waste, we package only a 24-hour supply of medications, delivering them to facilities every day. That way, if a medication is discontinued and a new one is added, the facility is not left with half a month’s worth of medications. Because each pill is in its own blister, nurses do not have to worry about drug interactions due to mingling, or guess which pill they did or did not dispense.

To streamline the entire med-pass process, the Paxit medication cart, actually co-designed by nurses, mirrors the Paxit pouch – straightforward and organized. Residents have their own bin, and all the pouches required for the day are placed together.  Because the resident’s name and administration time and day are printed at the top of the bag, a quick review of the drawer allows caregivers to clearly see if all medications for that hour have been dispensed. Our mission is to help our customers ensure the right resident receives the right medication at the right time, eliminating any opportunity for error. Plus, Paxit is easy to take on an off-site excursion, which makes giving medications stress-free for family members/caregivers.

At Remedi, we take pride in our superior medication accuracy and safety. Our stringent quality control guidelines include a six-point verification process to ensure the right pill is inside each and every blister. Our pharmacists verify that the printed information accurately describes the medications in the blister. Before orders leave the pharmacy, validated systems verify every blister against the Medication Administration Record to make sure the right medications are in the pouch. If the results are not 100 percent perfect, we start over. We’re that committed to excellence.

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