Gracedale Nursing Home Selects Remedi SeniorCare for Long-Term Care Pharmacy Solutions

Baltimore, MD, April 6, 2021 – Northampton County in Northeast Pennsylvania has selected Remedi SeniorCare, one of the nation’s largest long-term care pharmacies, to provide pharmacy services for Gracedale Nursing Home, located in Nazareth. The 688-bed facility offers comprehensive skilled nursing care, including short-term rehabilitation and respite care.


Remedi SeniorCare to Service Gracedale Nursing Home Through Baltimore Location


A leading innovator in long-term care pharmacy, Remedi SeniorCare’s services include daily delivery of medication in PAXIT®, its proprietary 24-hour, unit-dose medication management system. PAXIT’s unique unit-dose packaging, organized by medication pass time, increases accuracy, efficiency, and safety in the med pass process while reducing waste and cost and ultimately improving the delivery of resident-centered care. Its automated, centralized dispensing technology replaces the traditional bingo card packaging that requires time-consuming and often frustrating manual dispensing by nurses. In the wake of COVID-19, heightened awareness about infection control in nursing homes, PAXIT helps reduce the risk of spreading infection during a medication pass.

Pharmacist consulting, nurse account management, and cost management initiatives, along with 24/7 customer service and clinical support, will be delivered by Remedi’s flagship pharmacy in Baltimore, Maryland. Gracedale Nursing Home will also have access to Remedi SeniorCare’s customer-inspired web portal, MyRemedi®, which provides pharmacy data in real-time, enabling effective decision-making in all areas of their facility operations.


Partnership with Gracedale Nursing Home Will Create Positive Experience for Residents


President and CEO, Jeffrey M. Stamps, R.Ph., expressed Remedi SeniorCare’s excitement, “Our team is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Gracedale Nursing Home and create a positive pharmacy experience for their employees and residents. As the long-term care industry continues to face challenges, we are proud that our pharmacy innovation and clinical expertise is positively impacting healthcare workers and seniors.”

“Remedi SeniorCare offered what we were looking for in a new pharmacy partner – the ability to improve outcomes without compromising quality delivery of care. Our nurses have already experienced a difference in our medication passes with PAXIT – time savings, medication administration accuracy, and overall efficiency. Remedi’s onboarding team did a fantastic job of making the transition seamless and safe for our staff and residents,” said Bryan Dunlap, assistant administrator for Gracedale.


Learn More About Remedi SeniorCare, Leading Long-Term Care Pharmacy


Remedi SeniorCare brings cutting-edge technology that has transformed the long-term care pharmacy model. As the exclusive provider of the patented PAXIT medication administration system, Remedi SeniorCare has a long history of providing cost-effective and highly accurate pharmacy med pass services to long-term care facilities, including skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities. Remedi SeniorCare supports more than 95,000 seniors across 36 states and the District of Columbia, with exceptional customer service, continuous innovation, and clinical and regulatory expertise. Through its technology-enabled pharmacy services, Remedi SeniorCare allows its customers to achieve higher accuracy and quality in medication delivery while reducing unnecessary waste and cost. For more information, visit