Remedi SeniorCare Expands Technology-Enabled Pharmacy Services in Houston

Baltimore, MD, July 30, 2019 – Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey M. Stamps, R.Ph., of Baltimore-based Remedi SeniorCare, announces the opening of the company’s newest PAXIT® pharmacy in Houston, Texas. With the opening of its eleventh location, Remedi SeniorCare is licensed in 30 states and provides institutional pharmacy services to more than half the nation.

“PAXIT is in high demand among our current and prospective customers, and we continue to expand to support that demand. Remedi SeniorCare remains committed to our customer-focused approach and to expanding our geographic scope as an innovative and technology-enabled pharmacy service provider. We are eager to continue supporting long-term care growth in the Houston and surrounding markets,” said Mr. Stamps.

A leading innovator in long-term care pharmacy, Remedi SeniorCare brings cutting-edge technology which is transforming the long-term care service model. As the exclusive provider of the patented PAXIT medication administration system, Remedi SeniorCare has a long history of providing cost effective and highly accurate pharmacy med pass services to long-term care facilities, including skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities.

On the assisted living front, PAXIT technology is driving the highest penetration levels in the industry, improving quality and continuity of care, which is critically important in electronic health record enabled communities. “PAXIT’s unique 24-hour, unit-dose packaging, organized by med pass time, increases accuracy, efficiency, and safety in the med pass process, while reducing waste and cost for our skilled nursing and assisted living customers, their residents, and families,” noted Mr. Stamps.

The Remedi SeniorCare local management team is led by General Manager, Tom Schleigh, R.Ph., Operations Manager, Patti Jenson, R.Ph., and Pharmacist-in-Charge, Dana Chaisiri, PharmD. These experienced pharmacists bring deep knowledge of the local market, having serviced the long-term care community in the state for a number of years. “Building a great team to mirror the Remedi culture and bring our state-of-the-art technology to customers, their residents, and their families is our top priority. We look forward to developing lasting partnerships with providers, residents, and family members,” said Mr. Schleigh.

Remedi SeniorCare supports more than 80,000 residents across 30 states and the District of Columbia, with exceptional customer service, its patented PAXIT dispensing system, and proprietary MyRemedi® web portal. Through its technology-enabled pharmacy services, Remedi SeniorCare allows its customers to achieve higher levels of accuracy and quality in medication delivery, while reducing unnecessary waste and cost.