Remedi SeniorCare Selects SAI’s Acadiatm Platform for Complex Manufacturing Support


Hunt Valley, MD, January 23, 2017 – SAI, a software products and consulting firm helping clients optimize their business performance, today announced that Remedi SeniorCare, an innovative pharmacy solutions provider and trusted healthcare partner has selected SAI’s Acadia Performance Platformtm to support the training process for technicians operating Remedi’s industry leading PAXIT® pharmacy packaging equipment.

Remedi provides state of the art pharmacy services with their innovative proprietary daily auto dispensing technology, PAXIT®, that allows them to more accurately dispense medications to   their long-term care facility customers, providing industry-leading short cycle medication supply in a format that improves the safety, accuracy and efficiency of medication administration while significantly reducing costs.

Hunt Valley based SAI introduced Acadia to the marketplace in 2016 and has successfully deployed Acadia’s mobile friendly policy and procedure platform, integrated task management and robust reporting to leading manufacturing, healthcare and retail industry customers. Acadia provides an easy to use and highly secure platform for content distribution to new and existing employees on any device, when they need it. Embedded quizzing ensures every employee learns the “one best way” to complete every business process.

Remedi Vice President of Automated Solutions Jan Bohlmann explains “As an Acadia Early Adopter, we were able to provide early feedback on the features and functionality that are key for us to train equipment operators in an environment where safety and consistency drive everything we do. Shortening the time to value for new operators has been simpler and less time intensive using Acadia’s policy and procedure functionality.”

SAI’s CEO, Ric Hughes, added “I know from personal experience with elderly family members that Remedi’s transformational impact in healthcare is leading the way in achieving better outcomes for long term care residents while lowering costs; no small feat in today’s healthcare environment. Their input in helping us build an Acadia platform that enables continuously improving results in healthcare has been key to our success.” said Ric Hughes, CEO at SAI.

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About Remedi SeniorCare

Remedi SeniorCare, the progressive leader in long-term care pharmacy, services long-term and post-acute care facilities and assisted living communities. Remedi SeniorCare supports more than 50,000 residents across 27 states and the District of Columbia with exceptional customer service, ensuring prompt access to medication delivery, expertise, and comprehensive support.