Connexit™. The industry's most comprehensive integrated solution for electronic pharmacy connection offering superior freedom of choice.


Site _promos _60Connexit is an advanced integrated technology solution that enables LTC facilities to achieve greater medication administration accuracy, clinical safety, and efficiency by providing a single electronic data interchange system (EDI). This revolutionary medical EDI system provides streamlined interconnectivity capabilities for electronic order entry, electronic health records (EHR), resident Admission/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) information, e-prescriptions, and complex medication orders.

By increasing staff efficiency and productivity and improving medication safety and accuracy, Connexit can save you up to $34,000* annually. Use our online calculator to find how much your facility can save.


Unprecedented Compatibility

Connexit is the only platform that offers you HL7 compatibility with virtually all of the industry's leading EHR vendors, meaning you won't have to switch EHRs to take advantage of this powerful system. 

Powerful Electronic Order Entry

EOE---NEW-ORDER-COMPLETED-2With Connexit, superior accuracy starts when you place your order. Whether you use Remedi's advanced integrated electronic order entry system or send orders from your EHR, Connexit ensures that orders are complete before they are processed. Clean orders reduce calls and faxes allowing for quicker turnaround, less paperwork, and more time with your residents. Connexit's eOE capabilities don't end here though. 

Reduce Costs While Preserving Clinical Safety

I Stock _000016987294XLargeConnexit's advanced integrated data connectivity can also help your facility save up to $34,000* annually. By eliminating  monthly medical record turnover reviews, Connexit can save a 100-bed facility approximately 80 nursing hours a month.

Most importantly, the hours saved with Connexit's intelligent and powerful features can be reallocated to caring for your residents.

PillsConnexit offers:

  • Flexibility and customization by letting you work with your existing EHR, with the option to use Remedi's integrated, intuitive electronic ordering system or your EHR's own order entry system
  • Improved accuracy and safety by promoting complete orders, resulting in fewer calls from your pharmacy to clarify missing or inaccurate information
  • Increased efficiency by streamlining admission, transfer, discharge, and electronic ordering information and eliminating duplicate entry work

Learn more about how much Connexit can save your facility with the Connexit savings calculator or contact us for a free demo and no-obligation 60-day trial**.

 *based on a 100-bed facility 

** Free introductory trial period:
Connexit charges waived for first 60 
days. No termination fee. 

Key Benefits
Key Features

Key Benefits

Connexit at a glance:

  1. Provides unprecedented software compatibility through the industry-preferred interface
  2. Gives you the freedom of choice to work with your preferred EHR vendor
  3. Enables complete and accurate electronic pharmacy orders
  4. Increases efficiency through streamlined communications and the elimination of the monthly changeover process
  5. Reduces costs beyond mere labor savings

Key Features

Connexit provides:

  1. Advanced electronic order entry of medications
  2. HL7 interface for ADT, e-prescriptions, and electronic orders
  3. Bi-directional communications between the pharmacy and the LTC facility
  4. Compatibility with the industry's leading EHR vendors including our own advanced eOE system

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