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Learn more about PAXIT®, the 24-hour, unit-dose, medication management system

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    Learn how PAXIT® can lower your pharmacy spend and keep your staff and residents happy.

The PAXIT® Difference

Proprietary packaging, the only system which offers daily dispensing, reducing waste
Saves an average of 30 minutes per nurse per medication pass
Auto refill for approximately 70% of all medications
Each medication is individually packaged, no commingling
Retrospective billing—only billed for the medications dispensed

How PAXIT® Helps Nurses

  • Resident-specific doses in one package and pre-sorted by med pass time with clear, concise labels
  • Each dose is packaged in an identically-shaped and easy to open blister
  • Medications are listed in the same order as the MAR
  • Packaging is perfect for managing a resident's leave of absence
  • Discontinued medication is easily identified and removed

How PAXIT® Helps Administration Reduce Cost

  • Reduce drug spend: 11% on average*
  • Coordination of payor non-covered programs for Medicare Part D, managed care and Medicaid
  • Pay only for dispensed medication with retrospective billing
  • Reduce inventory and waste with daily medication delivery

*according to white paper study conducted by Walker-Phillips Healthcare Consulting