Why Remedi is the right choice for long-term care nursing facilities.

Why Remedi is the Right Choice

By combining innovative, customer-inspired technology with superior customer service, we give long-term care nursing facilities—including skilled nursing facilities—the ability to provide the best possible care to their residents while improving accuracy and safety, maximizing efficiency, and reducing pharmacy costs.

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  • Save 15% or more on drug costs.

    Let no pill go to waste.

    Imagine having medication accountability down to a single pill. With Paxit you get your medications as you need them, dramatically reducing waste and thereby lowering your drug bill by up to 15%. This ensures that every pill gets delivered to the right resident at the right time at the lowest possible cost.

  • Increase efficiency by 30% or more.

    Saving time is healthy for everyone.

    Automated technologies such as Paxit and Connexit help increase workplace performance and overall operational efficiency by simplifying and consolidating the time-consuming and repetitive tasks, such as paperwork, that take time away from caring for residents. These customer-inspired solutions are intuitively designed to be easily learned, aligned to the way you and your staff work, and improve overall staffing satisfaction. From setting the new standard in med pass to nurse-designed medication carts, Paxit can save an average of 30 minutes per med pass. And Connexit ensures complete and compliant electronic orders to eliminate monthly turnover and reduce the number of calls from the pharmacy, saving an average of 80 nursing hours a month.

  • Improve accuracy and safety!

    Today's complex drug regimens require stringent attention to detail.

    Our automated technologies do more than increase workplace efficiency and cut costs, they also create a safer and healthier environment for your residents. Paxit employs a 6-point quality verification of every dose dispensed throughout the filling process utilizing the latest technology to ensure unparalleled accuracy. We deliver accountability down to the pill to ensure that every pill gets delivered to the right resident at the right time, every time.

  • Drive real-time decision making.

    Get your most up-to-date pharmacy information from any size screen.

    My Remedi®, our advanced customer-driven portal, provides the most comprehensive real-time access to your facility's pharmacy data from an easy-to-use, secure web portal. With My Remedi you have access to the latest in drug price quotes, electronic order entry (available to Connexit subscribers), automatic therapy interchange, order status, on-demand reporting, medication alerts, and more.

  • Depend on us... WHENEVER you need us.

    Like any great partner, Remedi is always by your side.

    Innovation and reliability do not just apply to our technology. Emergencies and other urgent situations are never scheduled. We understand. That's why our RapidResponseSM team is available 24/7/365 to help solve any problems or issues you have—from order status and stat medication needs to providing expert consulting and pharmacist advice. We are the 411 and 911 for your facility.

  • Spend more time caring for residents

    We make sure your primary focus is on people, not paperwork.

    There's a reason you went into nursing: to help others. That's why our technologies are designed to simplify and reduce the administrative tasks that take time away from caring for residents. Providing resident-centered care is not only a goal we both share...it's our primary mission.

  • Automatically lower medication costs.

    Where there's a pill, there's a way.

    As reimbursement payments shrink and regulations become more unpredictable, Remedi's Automatic Therapeutic Interchange (ATI) can help lower your drug costs and improve administrative efficiency. ATI is our proprietary formulary management system that reviews every resident's medication orders and automatically switches to the most clinically appropriate lower-cost drugs within the same therapy class for both Part A and Part D. This not only reduces medication spend but also significant administrative time associated with managing the Part D program.

  • Stay ahead of the curve on key regulatory issues.

    We don't follow standards. We set them.

    We innovate in anticipation of our customers' current and future needs—continually searching for creative ways to improve and provide more efficient connectivity and boosted productivity. Our products and software solutions are designed to assist our customers with reducing their hard costs, while offering the flexibility to adapt to future changes. From software communicating through HL7 to med-pass packaging designed with resident privacy in mind, we help your facility use standards to operate efficiently. And our consultants are with you every step of the way to assist you with survey and other issues.


  • Receive industry insight and leadership.

    Remedi keeps you at the forefront of the LTC industry.

    We not only provide the industry's best products and service, we provide the industry's best information. By staying ahead of industry trends, technological and pharmaceutical advancements, and legislative/regulatory issues, we provide valuable foresight and set best-practices standards for LTC facilities. This topical industry information is available through our monthly enewsletter, The Remedi Advisor.

  • Work with the best in the industry.

    Greatness is contagious.

    In almost every way, Remedi breaks the mold of what a pharmacy is—from high-tech automated services and integrated software solutions to our creatively inspired office spaces and facilities. This formula has been the key to our success and rapid growth. We are always searching for ways to make institutional pharmacies "best in class," and we're looking for the best people to do it.

  • 1Save 15% or more
  • 2Increase Efficiency
  • 3Improve Accuracy
  • 4Drive Real-Time Decision
  • 5Depend On Us
  • 6Spend More Time Caring
  • 7Lower Costs Automatically
  • 8Stay Informed
  • 9Receive Industry Insight
  • 10Work With The Best

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for long-term care facilities located in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.


for long-term care facilities located in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia

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With Paxit, nurses are spending half the time to pass meds versus bingo cards...The extra time they are spending on resident care makes them happier.

Nancy Allbaugh, RN, Director of Nursing

I have found working with Remedi to be a positive experience for a number of reasons. They communicate professionally in a timely manner. They are progressive in the use of technology. And most important they are truly committed to the end user, the resident and their best interest. Additionally, they have demonstrated a commitment to the field of long term care through their participation in provider education and sponsorship of numerous association events.

Carroll Lutheran Village, President/CEO

With the introduction of Paxit, our nurses are much more efficient, and we’ve seen a tremendous reduction in the disposal and waste of medications.

Kevin Williams, RN

Augsburg does not see Remedi just as another vendor. Remedi demonstrates a cooperative spirit and quest to do what is right for the resident. Remedi provides preemptive strategies to avoid problems and listens closely when we do have issues. We appreciate our relationship and look forward to a long future.

Marc Goldstein-Smith

Remedi strives (and succeeds) to be a partner, not "just another vendor". Remedi listens, offers suggestions, comes up with innovative solutions to concerns, anticipates needs and provides timely, accurate feedback. I honestly cannot think of anyone who "does it better" than Remedi and I would not trade them for the world.

Stephanie Gramling, RN, BSN, CDONA/LTC

The Paxit System makes our nurses more efficient and more confident.

Thomas Hauser, LPN

About Paxit® conversions, I offer you the same thing that I have said to everyone: the education process was so good and the paper conversion process was so thorough that when I made rounds on the first morning that we were live it looked and felt like we’d been doing it for years.  Honestly, I have not seen anything go so smoothly…The implementation team was the best!

Stephanie Gramling, RN, BSN, CDONA/LTC

With the introduction of Paxit, we have seen a 20% reduction in our med costs.

Kevin Williams, RN

The value of our partnership with Remedi is priceless. It is more than a vendor-nursing home relationship. It is trust and service and Remedi delivers both. They care about their customers and it shows.

Paula L. O’Neill, N.H.A. Executive Director at Maryland Masonic Homes

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for long-term care facilities located in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.


for long-term care facilities located in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia

See our pharmacy locations.

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