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Pulse: Diabetes Update

Monthly Resource: Drug Interactions with Warfarin

Pulse: Evolving Anticoagulant Risk

New Pharmacy in OKC!

Pulse: Evolving Anticoagulant Risk

Monthly Resource: Managing Pharmacy Costs Checklist

Tip of the Month – Integration Management Checklist

Remedi SeniorCare opens new pharmacy in Plano, Texas!

Pulse: High-Cost Drug Strategies and Controlling Med Costs

Monthly Resource: Converting from IV to Oral Antibiotic Therapy

Pulse: High Cost Drugs - Surveys, UTI Antibiotics, & Controlling Costs

MVLTCA renews Jenny Caffrey's appointment for 2016

VHCA appoints Remedi's Vaughan to the Regulatory and Education Committees

Monthly Resource: UTI Antibiotics Assestment Tool

Pulse: Antibiotic Stewardship

Monthly Resource: Antiobiotic Renal Dosing

Pulse: Antibiotic Stewardship

Monthly Resource: Interaction of Alcohol & Meds

Pulse: Pain Management

Monthly Resource: Nonverbal Indicators of Pain

Pulse: Pain Management

Monthly Resource: Common Medication Laboratory Monitoring

Pulse: Medication Monitoring

Monthly Resource: Glaucoma Medication Comparison

Monthly Resource: High Concentrated Insulin

Pulse: Med Pass/Medication Storage, Part II

Monthly Resource: Medications with Shortened Expiration Dates

Pulse: Med Pass/Medication Storage

McKnight's Quotes Rob Shulman on Antipsychotics Management

Monthly Resource: The Complete Order

Pulse: Safe Medication & Order Writing Practices

Pharmacy Times reports on Dr. Jen Hardesty's presentation at the ASCP Forum

Monthly Resource: Parenteral Nutrition Ancillary Orders

Pulse: Safe Medication & Order Writing Practices, Part II

Monthly Resource: Oral Anticoagulant Comparison Chart

Pulse: Preventing Hospital Readmissions

Pulse: March 2015

Monthly Resource: Investigation of Potential Controlled Substance Diversion

Pulse: February 2015

Monthly Resource: Identifying Alcohol and Medication Interactions

Bill Vaughan, RN, Participates on the ISMP Clinical Advisory Board

Jenny Caffrey Elected to the Executive Board of MVLTCA

Monthly Resource: Influenza Outbreak Management

Monthly Resource: Black Box Warnings

Pulse: November 2014

Remedi SeniorCare Hosts Nurse Advisory Board Meeting in Baltimore

Monthly Resource: Pneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccine Administration Guidelines

Pulse: October 2014

McKnight Article Quotes Rob Shulman on Medication Management in Hospice Care

Pulse: September 2014

Monthly Resource: Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS)

Monthly Resource: Reference Guide with Warfarin Therapy

Monthly Resource: Insulin and Non-Insulin Pen Quick Reference Guide

Monthly Resource: "NO PAIN, NO GAIN?”

Remedi SeniorCare Receives Ohio Pharmacy Board Approval for Connexit Certified Pharmacy Interface with Optimus EMR, Inc.

Monthly Resource: Administration of Intravenous (IV) Meds in LTC

Pulse: January 2014

Avoid survey deficiencies through clear communication and honesty, former surveyor says

Remedi SeniorCare expansion to bring 115 jobs to Euclid

McKnight's Guest Blogger: Bill Vaughan

Remedi SeniorCare in Supply Chain World

Robots to the Rescue - from The Wall Street Journal

Robotic Rx

Remedi SeniorCare launches computerized dispensary in Troy

Fully Automated Pharmacy Marks Grand Opening

Remedi SeniorCare® Opens Ohio’s Most Technologically-Advanced Pharmacy

Remedi SeniorCare Moves into a 22,000-square-foot Facility in Hanover County.

Remedi SeniorCare® Appoints Richard Hamel as Corporate Controller

Remedi SeniorCare Shows Off New Automated Pharmacy in Hanover County

Remedi SeniorCare® Appoints Patrick Dennis As Troy, Ohio General Manager

Plugged In With HIT – How Nursing Homes Can Actually Save Money.

Compliance: Do the right thing

Finding Solutions to Residents' Complex Medications

Kairos Health Systems, Inc. Selects Remedi SeniorCare® as Preferred Provider of Pharmacy Services for 150 Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities

Remedi SeniorCare® Says Consultant Pharmacists a Critical Component to Maintaining Health and Safety of Long-Term Care Residents

Connexit™ Launch Aims to Reshape Business of Long-Term Care

Remedi SeniorCare® Appoints Corey Gauff SVP of Sales and Account Management

Remedi SeniorCare® Closes $300 Million Commitment from Centerbridge Partners

Remedi SeniorCare® Names Robert Kerr SVP of Information Systems

Reinventing Healthcare - Remedi in Forbes

Remedi SeniorCare® Launches Electronic Order Entry Capability as Part of the MyRemedi® Suite of Online Tools

Remedi SeniorCare Expands Distribution of the Paxit ™ Med-Pass Solution, the New Standard in Medication Administration

Remedi SeniorCare® Wins Ohio State Board of Pharmacy’s First and Only Approval for Electronic Prescribing in State of Ohio

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