Our long-term care pharmacy technologies are designed to maximize efficiency, improve medication accuracy and safety, and reduce costs.

Advanced Automation & Technology

Automation is for machines, not people. This is why we work closely with caregivers and facility administrators to develop technologies and solutions that allow them to do their jobs more efficiently. Learn more about our solutions

Our customers are our greatest source of inspiration. We continually develop methods to:

  1. reduce or eliminate administrative tasks and improve the efficiency of required tasks such that nurses can spend more time caring for residents
  2. increase the accuracy of the order entry and medication delivery process
  3. lower medication costs through innovative formulary management and med-pass optimization solutions


Paxit® delivers resident-specific 24-hour unit-dose medication administration through automated dispensing technology, providing unsurpassed accuracy and resident safety. This reduces drug costs by 15% or more and increases med-pass efficiency by 30% or more with unsurpassed accuracy and resident safety. Learn more about Paxit®


Connexit™ is an advanced integrated technology solution that enables LTC facilities to achieve greater medication administration accuracy, clinical safety, and efficiency by providing a single electronic data interchange system (EDI). Learn more about Connexit

My _remedi _finalMy Remedi® Web Portal

The My Remedi® web portal is our innovative solution that provides streamlined information and tools to make facility management easier. It is your exclusive resource for lowering drug costs, improving efficiency, and making informed real-time decisions. Learn more about My Remedi®

Automatic Therapeutic Interchange

Automatic Therapeutic Interchange (ATI), our proprietary formulary management system, helps facilities free up resources entangled in formulary management, allowing them to focus their attention on more urgent matters. Learn more about ATI

Key Benefits
Key Features

Key Benefits

The Remedi Technology Difference:

  1. Reduce drug costs by 15% or more, including lowering medication costs with automatic therapeutic replacements
  2. Increase med pass efficiency by 30% or more
  3. Improve medication accuracy and safety
  4. Reduce monthly changeover, saving up to 80 nursing hours a month
  5. Ensure complete orders, reducing calls and faxes to and from the pharmacy to clarify orders

Key Features

The Remedi Technology Difference:

  1. Advanced precision robotic automation
  2. The most flexible HL7 electronic data integration
  3. Highly accurate electronic order entry system
  4. Six-point laser-optic medication dispensing verification process

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