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Remedi SeniorCare is a United States-based institutional pharmacy business, serving a growing number of facilities extending from the Mid-Atlantic to the Midwest. Learn more about our mission.

As part of Remedi Healthcare, our mission is to provide the best pharmacy services possible to long-term care facilities and the residents they care for. We achieve this through innovative technology advances to more accurately and timely communicate to facilities and provide industry-leading short-term medication supply in a format that improves both medication administration accuracy and efficiency.

Remedi SeniorCare delivers innovative pharmacy solutions that drive better outcomes for today...and tomorrow. We are your speed.

People _finalOur industry leadership

Our industry leadership is built upon a philosophy of continuous improvement and customer-inspired
 informed by decades of listening to customers in the long-term care industry. We respond swiftly with solutions driven by our commitment to customer delight.

We work closely with facility nurses and administrators to make their tasks safer and more efficient-enabling them to spend more time caring for residents and less time on tedious tasks. Yet our technology is only a small part of what makes us an industry leader.

I Stock _000014371972XLargeWe are committed to serving peopleyour residents and your staff. This is why we have a dedicated team of friendly pharmacists who are available 24-7 to ensure that orders and issues are handled with urgency.

We offer long-term care facilities everything they need to provide better care to their residents by delivering highly responsive pharmacy solutions inspired by our customers.

Contact us to learn more about how Remedi can help your facility meet its goals.

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Delaware        866-298-1078
Indiana           800-232-4239
Kentucky        800-232-4239
Maryland        866-298-1078
Michigan         800-232-4239
 - Cleveland     866-288-3139
 - Dayton         800-232-4239
New Jersey      866-298-1078
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Virginia            800-232-4239
Wash, DC          866-298-1078




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for long-term care facilities located in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia

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